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cultbustersgalactica1 account is used by the admin of to post the collective fictional writings of several Cultbusters Galactica members such as here in the  car-1.jpg image by cap_franklin 21st CENTURY CULTBUSTERS section or to post the writings of professional fictional writers on the website so that undue credit is not given to one particular Cultbusters Galactica member making the post.

Occasionally used also making posts about Cults on the main discussion forum.

We are people united to further public awareness about dangerous mind control CULTS! 


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    The warning about the mormon site was great. I actually had a co-worker say she was considering joining the JW's (Jehovah Witnesses) and wanted to know what I think? How often does that happen.? very good conversation. Did you see the new WOFF site? I have not finished reading it yet... Should be clear- a presentable website does not stop the mind control. :-)

    More later...



    Reply from cultbustersgalactica1:

    No I haven't seen the new WOFF site. Got the link?